Innovative and versatile

AM Surface products have proven themselves in the toughest conditions.

Namely in the particularly challenging surroundings seen in tunnel construction. Here, exposure to environmental influences and the weather with its temperature fluctuations, plus moisture, corrosion caused by salt water and exhaust fumes call for the very highest levels of resilience.

AM Surface currently manufactures and maintains four product lines:

The properties of AM Surface protection.

Chromophoric, available in all RAL or NCS colours

Air-setting or thermosetting, with antimicrobial available on request

Nano-typical surface properties prevent the adhesion of dirt particles (all products without nanoparticles!)

Application directly on the cleaned surface in a single work step; also possible at high humidity (95%) and in cold conditions (5 °C)

Coating of 100 to max. 450 micrometres, covers in a single coat, no need for priming, post-processing or second coat

Excellent adhesive strength, including on old coats (must be tested in some cases); good adhesive strength on damp surfaces

Resistant to high temperature fluctuations, frost, de-icing salts and chemicals

Exceptional mechanical resistance, with resistance against UV rays

Reliable barrier against water absorption

Chemical-free cleaning with water