Ecological and economical 

AM Surface protection systems on concrete

The innovative dual-component surface protection systems from AM Surface are manufactured using the Sol-Gel process. They meet the most stringent requirements in a wide range of applications.

Qualities of AM Surface protection products.

Excellent cleaning with water possible thanks to nanostructured surface – saves costs and is environmentally friendly without the use of chemicals, including on graffiti

Reliable protection, surfaces are resistant to damaging effects – natural ageing process is slowed down

Application in virtually all ambient conditions – no time-wasting and expensive delays and planning changes due to the weather

In tunnels: signs with consistent brightness and light-stable colours – safety comes first!

All AM Surface products are free from damaging nanoparticles!

AM Surface products have enormous potential in many applications:


Tunnel engineering


Civil engineering, building construction, residential construction


Industrial and commercial construction, infrastructure projects


Hotels, leisure and sport facilities


19.07.2018: Coating in Neuchâtel

The tunnel coatings from AM Surface TUNNEL are applied quickly and easily, for example in Neuchâtel.

18.04.2018: Cleaning in the Rontal Tunnel

Tunnels coated with AM Surface products can be cleaned without cleaning agents.
Take a look at this video!

«Tunnels coated with AM Surface can be cleaned without cleaning agents.»

Patrick Meyer, Member of the Management Board AM Surface