Ecological and economical 

AM Surface protection systems on concrete

The innovative dual-component surface protection systems from AM Surface are manufactured using the Sol-Gel process. They meet the most stringent requirements in a wide range of applications.

Qualities of AM Surface protection products.

Excellent cleaning with water possible thanks to nanostructured surface – saves costs and is environmentally friendly without the use of chemicals, including on graffiti

Reliable protection, surfaces are resistant to damaging effects – natural ageing process is slowed down

Application in virtually all ambient conditions – no time-wasting and expensive delays and planning changes due to the weather

In tunnels: signs with consistent brightness and light-stable colours – safety comes first!

All AM Surface products are free from damaging nanoparticles!

AM Surface products have enormous potential in many applications:


Tunnel engineering


Civil engineering, building construction, residential construction


Industrial and commercial construction, infrastructure projects


Hotels, leisure and sport facilities


20.12.2019: Tunnel coating Axenstrasse

To protect heavily used surfaces, AM Surface Tunnel is used on the Axenstrasse between Sisikon and Flüelen.

18.04.2018: Cleaning in the Rontal Tunnel

Tunnels coated with AM Surface products can be cleaned without cleaning agents.
Take a look at this video!

18.04.2018: Reinigung im Rontal-Tunnel

Die Tunnelbeschichtungen von AM Surface TUNNEL sind auch nach Jahren der Belastung noch intakt und problemlos zu reinigen.
Sehen Sie sich dazu dieses Video an!

«Tunnels coated with AM Surface can be cleaned without cleaning agents.»

Patrick Meyer, Member of the Management Board AM Surface